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Post by Kaiz on Sat Apr 11, 2015 3:39 pm

This is to restrict a last name in game. This applies to all aspects of the community, enforced by admins. This is a one time deal, you cannot change the last name which is restricted. Names are subject to approval, must not be common (i.e. Sylvester). If disapproved, a refund will be issued. Does not apply to people who already have this name, only protects future people from changing to it or new people joining with it.

*                                   Restricted names

*Name                                Owner
*Knight   :       Enzo_Knight , Leo_Knight , Rave_Knight
*Acosta  :       Rave_Acosta
*Permov :       Reno_Permov
*Savage   :       Evo_Savage
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