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Lester Crest's FDSA application (Leadership)

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Lester Crest's FDSA application (Leadership)

Post by Lester Crest on Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:09 pm

Full Name: Lester Crest
Age: 25
Years living in Los Santos (level): 5
Do you have any Job currently? (If yes tell it) Nope.

Bibliography about you as a medic/fireman (minimum of 100 words)
I was born on March 21, 1990 in Los Santos. I was raised in a poverty family, I was educated in a public school, My Mom is owner of a restaurant and my father was a firefighter and he was dead in accident, he sacrifice to save a little girl. So I look forward of becoming a FDSA same as my father someday when i graduated, Every Weekends I help my Mom in our little restaurant, Selling some food and drink to earn money for my allowance.

So when I grew older I took a job from my Uncle to sustain our financial needs in our family, when I was 15 years old My Dad was dead in accident for saving a citizen .So when I was 18 years old I took my first examination test for my driver's license And I passed the examination test, So after I passed the examination test my uncle start to teach me the parts of a car and how will I handle it properly, So after uncle taught me the parts of a car he started to make a business out of it by buying and selling some branded cars. I have finish my university which is management.

And in year 2015 I graduated from a management course then after my graduation continue to search for a good job so i can repay my parents hard work for me and make them proud as an only child of the family and now I’m looking for a legal and high salary job.

If you was chosed by us would you like be a medic, paramedic or fireman? All i can do

Why would you be a good member? Im a hardworker, i will do the best as i can

Tell the meaning and explain these RP Concepts:

RP - Roleplay - Acting like real life with /me and /do
IC - In Character - All the stuff is out of character
OOC - Out of Character - All the stuff is out of character (/f /b /o )
DM - Deathmatching - Attacking a player in any way without a valid roleplay in character reason.
PG - Powergaming  - Doing Unrealistic Things, That You Can’t Do In Real Life A RolePlay.

Lester Crest

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Re: Lester Crest's FDSA application (Leadership)

Post by Kaiz on Tue Apr 07, 2015 6:37 am


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